Benefits of Shiksha365cloud

Dashing dashboards

With our simple fashionable dashboard design, you would feel simpler to recognize key features and enjoy convenient navigation. Classified sections on each and every charachteristics adds more transparency to academic administration.

24*7 accessibility

One of the major Benefit of the software is that it is accessible 24*7. This feature really helps in lifting the demand of the software in the education industry, overseeing all the educational as well as administration activities.

Teacher, Parent, and Student Visibility

The traces of communication between teachers, parents and students are highly important to the learning procedure.Even as our view of teachers has been changed over the years, there needs to be a strong level of respect and trust that exists in order to properly educate students. Educational applications and softwares would be help to create strong bonds between teachers, parents and student through forums, portals, and different interactive elements.

Smart on phones

In pace with the transforming technology, we made great care in ensuring Web School’s ,Collage`s or Academy`s compatibility with the most modern gadgets that rules people’s technological lifestyle. Our smart phone accordant design provides uninterrupted access to the application from anywhere at anytime.

User friendly

The master brains at the back of this technical excellence have developed the most user friendly platform that enhances the user experience to the fullest. The easy to navigate user interface makes the software program without problems, making it the best choice of many inside the sea of software and technologies.

Well-structured modules

We provide the extreamly demanded features of Academy management software by incorporating nicely-established and prepared modules to improve the efficiency of the system. Having a strong structure is the most important motive by using which the experts are proceeding successfully with the system into the web industry.


Our advanced system can assure you the things you need to meet by utilizing our product. We offer you all the possibilities to satisfy your needs by customizing the product for the clients.

Anytime, anywhere available

We provide shiksha software based on cloud so that you will be access it anywhere anytime.


The talented specialists over here offer you protection against all the possible threats that a software can encounter. And also all data store in cloud so that no worry to lose any data because they provide inbuilt security and also auto backup functionality if you lose your any important data.

Happier Earth

With a stronger emphasis on protecting the environment these days, school,collage or academy software programs and apps are virtually helping make a contribution to healthier earth. Basically,much fewer paper handouts, worksheets, and tests manner less waste.

Handles funds effectively

All the financial and accounting needs are well-organized by the product, without failing to meet any of the clients’ requirements.

Technical Support

Our professional developers are there for you to assist you anytime. If you have any queries or clarifications, feel free to approach our technical team anytime.