Shiksha365cloud - Mobile Application

GPS Tracking For Vehicle

For the security of students schools and collages should track their vehicles (Which transportation system they provide-bus or cars) .This is possible in this software which can be accessed through both web application and mobile application.This feature gives assurance to both Academy administration and parents.

  • Vehicle Information Management
  • Vehicle Route Information
  • Map route of vehicle
  • Tracking of vehicle

Chat System

School,collage or academy management software provides a chat facility with more specified features of communication with student-teacher, teacher-parent-and student-student. In this application,teacher can specifically chat with a student or can broadcast a message to the whole class. So that chatting feature is good for the broader aspect which helps in reducing wastage of time of writing the same message to every student.

Fee Management

Fee Management for school,collage,hostel,library or academy can be easily done from an android app. It will be possible for an accountant to retrieve data any time from their device even if they are not at a workplace. This will increase productiveness in work and decreases delay in management. All information about fees is provided to parents via instant messaging system. So there maybe record present with student ,parent and school for minimal mistake.

Attendance Management

Attendance of staff and students can be reported through app. Teachers can mark students attendance through their mobile using their separate account. They can also view attendance of whole class for any one month or many months. Instant message will be sent to parents and student when their attendance is marked.

Timetable Management

A timetable is an important module in school and collage to maintain discipline and regulation.It provides an overall information about the flow of lectures in school and collage. It can be also managed through and will be viewable to a user in their mobile which will be very convenient for everyone.

Library Management

Manage Books-This keeps record of all the books present in library.Issue/Return-Books can be issued and returned from this section.User can enquire regarding any book by author or title.Books stock Inward Receipt Details /Generation for Books ID Barcode Based.

Student Management

Attendance management for Student-daily or summarized attendance system,class wise attendance reporting as per the statutory requirements and other reporting methods.Also teacher or admin can accept leave application of student using mobile app.

Examination Management

Admin or teachers can upload student exams marks.Students and them parents would be directly view marks of students.Also admin assign Scholarship to student based on Percentage and category.Also students and parents view subject wise mark slips with grades.

Hostel Management

This feature allow to store Student-Parents Meeting Schedule,Parents/ Guardian Profile, Meeting Transaction entry (As Some One wants to meet student, SMS (having his/her details) will be auto send on student’s father’s mobile.

Administrator Management

Admin can manage fee trasaction control using this android mobile application.Admin will create new user and allocate rights to it.