Library Module of Shiksha365cloud

Library Module

Library Management

- Member category and parameters

- Member allocation (Student, Staff, Outsider)

- Book Purchase Order Details

- Publisher, Author Details

- Book Title

- Bar-coded book label generation

- Books stock Inward Receipt Details /Generation for Books ID Barcode Based

- Shelf address creation

- Shelf wise stock In

- Book issue as per assigned parameters Auto controlled

- Book collection (with fine if applicable)

- Due fine Collection

- Fining System for lost, delayed and damaged book

- Book Enquiry by Author

- Book Enquiry by Title

Reports & Display

- Member list

- Book List (Author, Publisher, Subject, Shelf Wise)

- Book Stock Register

- Books Issue Register

- Books Received Register

- Fine collection Register

- Due Fine Register

- Bar-coded Book Label Printing