HR- Payroll Module of Shiksha365cloud

HR- Payroll Module

HR Job Application (Resume)

- Post wise, Academic-Subject wise Applications

- Qualification and Percentage Scored

Employee Details

- Personal Details

- Joining Details

- Scale, Grade, Department and Designation Details

- Basic Pay and Allowances Details

- PF, ESI and PAN Details

- Bank Details

- Family Details

- I-Card Printing

Allowances and Deduction Rules

- Customized Allowances Definition

- Customized Deduction-Head Definition

- Loan and Advances

- Special Arrears

- ESI and PF

- Calculation based on Formulas or Employee wise Fix

- Scale, Grade, Department and Designation Details

Leave and Holidays

- Customized Leave Types

- Casual and Personal Leaves

- Leave allotments and Laps

- Leave without pay and absents, Half day

Month and Pay Process

- Final Attendance

- Month Process

- Salary Process

- Lock-unlock the Month

- Pay Slip Generation

- Salary/Bank Statement

Ledgers, Reports and Returns

- ESI Challan

- PF Challan

- 3A, 5, 6A, 12A, etc. Returns

- Leave ledger

- Employer contribution ledgers