Examination & Result Module of Shiksha365cloud

Examination & Result Module

Examination Management

- Exam Type Creation (Session Wise)

- Grade, Division & Grace Setup

- Grades as per CBSE .5 .7 .9 and CCE Pattern

- Descriptive Indicator Setup as per CCE

- FA1+FA2, FA3+FA4 and SA1, SA2

- Scholarship Setup (Percentage & Category wise)

- Mark Subjects having Practical or Not

- Marks Entry subject wise to classes

- Subject wise Marks slips with Grades

- Final Result Process (Which exams will be added as support in Annual Result)

- Roll No. Allocation to Students (As per Exam Type)

- Exam Time Table/Schedule Preparation (Oral, Written, Practical, Project)

- Result sheet generation

Reports & Display

- Entrance Card Issue (As per Exam type with Paper Code & Time Table)

- Marks Filling slips (with Roll No. & Scholar No.)

- Consolidate Result Sheets (Max., Obt., Grade & Final Total, Grade & Percentage) as selected Exams

- Mark Sheet General

- Mark Sheet Term-1/Term-2

- Mark Sheet with Profile

- Subject-Class Wise Result

- Class -student wise Result

- Logical Parameter Reports

- Exam-Student Performance Graphical Analysis

- Exam wise-Subject-Student Performance Graphical Analysis

- Exam wise-Class Performance Graphical Analysis

- Scholarship List